Rural EDs

Rural hospitals face unique challenges compared to their urban and suburban counterparts. Rural communities offer a smaller marketplace of seasoned, qualified clinicians and change-leaders, and while their facilities are often smaller in structural capacity, they treat more at-risk populations. These limitations are amplified by a greater dependence upon Medicare and Medicaid for reimbursement. Additionally, limited funding options for on-site IT support can cause great strain on the workflow processes and patient satisfaction levels of the emergency department (ED).

Due to these ever-present challenges, the federal government has made a commitment to improve healthcare access for underserved rural communities. With the potential for improvement of capital gains, EDs in these settings are excellent grounds for employing innovative healthcare IT.

In order for an ED-specific technology to successfully do what it should−improve workflow and automate processes – the technology and customer service must accommodate the unique circumstances experienced by the staff of an ED. Created by ED clinicians and backed by the 24/7 support of our service professionals, CMR’s browser-based infrastructure is built around the unique workflow and specific requisites of the ED.

CMR is an ONC-ATCB certified, ED-specific electronic medical record with advanced, comprehensive functionality, including clinical decision support and risk management tools. CMR fully supports meaningful use requirements for the ED that enable eligible providers and hospitals to qualify for funding under ARRA.

CMR’s proven solutions and extensive training program optimize efficiencies and throughput to effectively improve staff productivity, reduce documentation errors, and track patient activity, allowing facilities to:

  • Improve net revenue
  • Decrease cost of patient care
  • Reduce patient turnaround time
  • Simplify operations
  • Increase admissions