Free-Standing EDs

Freestanding emergency departments (EDs) face many challenges. In addition to managing greater customer service expectations, they must often operate without on-site IT staff support or access to federal incentive money for EMR implementation. Furthermore, freestanding facilities must operate at a smaller capacity with limited funds.

Our staff understands these unique dynamics and challenges. Designed by and for emergency department clinicians and administrators, CMR is an emergency department information system (EDIS) that resolves the unique challenges of the ED both quickly and effectively. The user-friendly, comprehensive system optimizes workflow, enabling clinicians to serve more patients safely and efficiently, thereby improving patient care and the bottom line.

CMR offers an intuitive documentation system with advanced, comprehensive functionality including clinical decision support and risk-management tools. CMR’s browser-based solution minimizes the need for on-site IT resources—including personnel and hardware—resulting in reduced costs and a quick return on investment. CMR integrates directly with in-house lab instruments for computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and lab results. Additionally, CMR offers a registration system specifically created for the freestanding environment.

CMR’s proven solutions and extensive training program optimize workflow efficiencies and throughput to effectively improve staff productivity, reduce documentation errors, and track patient activity, allowing facilities to:

  • Increase net revenue
  • Deliver reduced patient turn-around time
  • Simplify operations
  • Decrease cost of EMR implementation
  • Minimize the demands on IT Resources
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Trend and analyze patient data