Who We Serve

All emergency departments (EDs) struggle to reduce long wait times and the rate of frustrated patients leaving without being seen (LWBS). Meeting and exceeding higher patient satisfaction levels pose additional challenges. Having experienced these frustrations one too many times, ED clinicians developed CMR, the emergency department information system (EDIS) that has the track record and expertise to best serve the unique needs and challenges of the ED. From small, rural, critical access hospitals and freestanding emergency departments to EDs in large urban and suburban healthcare systems, CMR helps each ED achieve clinical, administrative and financial success.

Unlike enterprise-wide information systems that attempt to force-fit an existing product, CMR was created specifically for the ED. Designed by and for ED clinicians and administrators, CMR quickly and effectively resolves the distinct challenges of the ED. The user-friendly, comprehensive system optimizes workflow, enabling clinicians to serve more patients safely and efficiently, thereby improving patient care and the bottom line.

CMR’s dedicated customer service support provides guidance in workflow, implementation planning, installation, on-site training, and pre- and post-go-live support. Enterprise systems generally have one technical support department for the entire hospital and fail to appreciate the demands of the emergency department. As CMR’s support staff, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet this challenge. Our clinician-to-clinician on-site training sessions, appropriate to the size of the facility, ensure a successful implementation of the EDIS. Our go-live implementation includes both clinical and IT support at each facility, and our clinicians remain in contact with the hospital and are readily available to answer questions and address clinical concerns.

Once CMR is live at a facility, we proudly continue to offer ongoing technical and clinical support 24/7. Our help desk technicians can be contacted directly through the CMR email application or by calling our toll-free help desk line. We understand the heightened support needs of the emergency department and are committed to being responsive.