Workflow Management

CMR significantly improves and simplifies clinical and administrative workflow. Documentation is easy and intuitive, and every clinician can see, at a glance, the status of patients in the emergency department. This enhanced communication allows the clinicians to communicate quickly and effectively, and immediately understand the clinical status of their patients. Documentation automatically captures clinical and charge-related data for efficient reporting and transaction processing. Using configurable back-end prompts at final validation, CMR does not interfere with real-time documentation necessary for ED healthcare environments.

As a best-of-breed software, CMR integrates easily with existing healthcare IT, enhancing communication with registration and inpatient floors and allowing clinicians to treat their patients quickly, safely and more effectively.

CMR also interfaces effectively with larger, off-site diagnostic facilities (labs/imaging), billing companies (exports records for off-site coding and billing), and provides an autofax encounter summary for primary care and referral physicians. It accurately represents care delivered so that billing can be done expeditiously, and it exports ED records and continuity of care documents (CCD) to the health information exchange (HIE) of choice.