Support, Implementation & Training

From pre-planning, training, implementation and 24/7 clinical and technical support, CMR is dedicated to providing sterling customer service and ongoing staff training. We realize that the impact of implementing an ED-specific information system is significant. The clinicians behind the development of CMR have practiced emergency medicine with several different systems in the field and understand the frustration with having to spend time learning a new system that doesn’t make sense clinically. Through CMR’s intuitive clinical design and our clinician-to-clinician training, we create a successful partnership with our users during and after the implementation. Our seasoned support throughout the planning, training and go-live process is second to none.

Our dedicated customer service provides guidance in workflow, implementation planning, installation, on-site training, and pre- and post-go-live support. Our on-site training sessions, appropriate to the size of the facility, ensure a successful implementation of the EDIS. CMR is dedicated to providing great clinician-to-clinician training, and we are proud of how quickly our users are able to become comfortable with the product.

We go the extra mile to be easy on a facility’s IT resources. Our go-live implementation includes both clinical and IT support at each facility. The technical support from CMR includes hands-on assistance with server installation, network setup, and ongoing server maintenance. After go-live our clinicians remain in contact with the hospital, and are readily available to answer questions and address clinical concerns. Our live help desk technicians can be contacted directly by calling our toll-free help desk line or through CMR’s email application.

We understand the heightened support needs of the emergency department and are committed to being responsive. Enterprise systems generally have one technical support department for the whole hospital that fails to appreciate the unique demands of the emergency department. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet this challenge. We conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to measure users’ satisfaction and customer support encounters. For ongoing education, CMR provides free monthly training sessions via WebEx or in person at its Baton Rouge, La., headquarters.