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Designed and continually refined by ED specialists, CMR is a comprehensive best-of-breed emergency department information system (EDIS) that improves workflow, documentation and charge capture.

CMR’s user-friendly, easy-to-learn chart layout allows for quick input of critical information to facilitate documentation and charge capture, resulting in clinical and financial gains. Its browser-based architecture  enhances communication among clinicians—sending immediate alerts to other clinicians involved in the patient’s care. CMR is designed to optimize workflow efficiencies and patient throughput to effectively improve staff productivity and reduce documentation errors in the ED.

This intuitive documentation system features advanced, comprehensive functionality—including clinical decision support and risk management tools—leveraging the latest technology that easily integrates with enterprise systems and requires minimal involvement from contracted IT resources. CMR interfaces effectively with any health information system and billing solution to properly export records for coding and reimbursement. It provides an autofax encounter summary for primary care and referral physicians, accurately representing the care delivered so that billing can be done expeditiously. CMR even exports ED records and continuity of care documents (CCDs) to the health information exchange (HIE) of choice.

CMR’s dedicated customer service provides guidance in workflow, implementation planning, installation, on-site training, and pre- and post-go-live support. Our on-site training sessions, appropriate to the size of the facility, ensure a successful implementation of the EDIS, and our go-live implementation includes both clinical and IT support at each facility. We proudly offer ongoing technical and clinical support 24/7, directly from our application via e-mail or by calling our toll-free help desk.