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Sept. 21, 2012  -  ADVANCE for Nurses: Emergency departments look to information technology to improve nursing workflow and enhance patient care

July 24, 2012  -  Executive Insight: Meaningful Use Success for Rural Hospitals

April 12, 2012  -  Government Health IT: Forward-looking vendors address ED IT needs

Feb. 1, 2012  -  Executive Insight: The Rural Emergency Department Quandary

May 18, 2012 – Healthcare IT NewsCMR Selected by Priority Emergency Room as Information Technology Solution

Dec. 1, 2011 – Health Management Technology (by Linda Deville): Solving Rural America’s Healthcare Challenges with IT

Issues & Insights

Overcrowding, patients leaving without being seen or not being able to pay, and high community expectations for excellent customer service—all of these are issues that continue to challenge emergency departments. To combat these issues, new value-based initiatives and incentives are continuing to arise to effectively promote collaborative care for better patient outcomes.

Included here are articles that showcase pertinent issues and provide professional insights into ways to help emergency departments provide better and more affordable patient care.

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What about integration? Have you integrated with my HIS provider before?
CMR provides ADT, EKG, Radiology and Lab integration. We have implemented integration projects with CPSI, Cerner, Meditech, Healthland, and Siemens facilities, but we are constantly looking to expand this list.In Freestanding EDs where we are the HIS, we have also successfully integrated with the Apex LIS and Novarad RIS.

What about CCD and interoperability?
As a best-of-breed system, CMR adheres to HL7 standards and looks forward to a more interoperable healthcare environment.We believe that CCD and similar initiatives will create a more competitive EMR market where patient-centric data becomes a reality. CMR has worked on CCD Integration with Carefx.

How much does CMR cost?
CMR offers the most compelling value in an EDIS. Various pricing and payment options are available based on the size of your facility.

What kind of training do you offer?
Our on-site training sessions, appropriate to the size of the facility, ensure a successful implementation of the EDIS.CMR is dedicated to providing great clinician-to-clinician training, and we are proud of how quickly our users are able to become comfortable with the product.

Can you interface with charge capture/billing systems?
Yes, CMR currently interfaces with several of these systems.

Can you describe CMR’s implementation model?
CMR’s browser-based infrastructure simplifies implementation, reduces hardware expenditures and maintenance costs, and lessens the hassle placed on IT resources. CMR offers both locally-hosted and off-site hosting implementation models.