Nurse Director Benefits

CMR’s EDIS was designed with input from nursing leaders who know they have to achieve more with greater obstacles, even as patient volumes build and demands for greater efficiency escalate. Oftentimes, nurse directors are expected to lead the charge to meet government regulations, including mandatory technology adoption among a community that can be very apprehensive about healthcare technology.

CMR helps nursing leadership to:

  • Facilitate communication between nurses, physicians and other members of the emergency services team, registration and inpatient staff
  • Simplify documentation
  • Support triage and improving patient tracking
  • Capture charges more effectively
  • Adhere to compliance requirements
  • Facilitate compiling administrative reports
  • Ultimately enhance patient care and safety

User-friendly functionality makes sharing information with administration and staff quick and easy, without spending hours poring over and integrating cumbersome data to design reports. Reports can be exported to standard formats, including Microsoft® Excel.

The CMR Reports Module produces more than 90 reports, including easy-to-read color graphical analysis charts on acuity, clinician productivity, financial information, wait times, and census fluctuations to help leaders spot trends, reduce bottlenecks and improve performance.

An audit tool reports all actions by users so leaders can avoid breaches and protect patient privacy.