Medical Director Benefits

Designed and continually refined by physicians, CMR helps improve workflow in the ED so that physicians can focus on patient care and improve outcomes.

Easy-to-use, CMR captures clinical and demographic data effectively, so physicians can:

  • Improve medical decision making
  • Lessen opportunities for medical errors
  • Reduce risk and professional liability
  • Demonstrate their value in pay-for-performance programs.
  • Ultimately improve patient care and safety

Designed to help physicians, CMR’s many features include:

  • Physician charting
  • Automated allergy and drug interaction checking
  • KlikManĀ® graphical enhancement for physical exam
  • ProFee report to streamline coding and enhance charge capture.
  • Custom Rx Writer space including My Favorites Prescriptions
  • Discharge instructions

Because CMR is certified by the ONC-ATCB, physician leaders can be confident that the solution meets their needs for meaningful use.