Management & Admin

CMR is comprehensive and easy-to-use by emergency department (ED) clinicians and administrators as well as those managing the department. Inspired by an ED physician and forward-looking business leader, CMR helps enterprises meet clinical, administrative and financial goals. Data captured at the point of care and along the continuum supports strategic efforts to improve performance, productivity and, ultimately, patient care and safety.

CMR’s ability to supply a quick return on investment contributes to the viability of this best-of-breed solution. Because CMR meets meaningful use requirements by federal authorities and qualifies for federal incentive payments, it helps defray investment costs. Implemented in a hospital or healthcare system, CMR helps build the profitability of the “front door” to the organization and contributes to the success of the rest of the enterprise.

CMR helps each facility to:

  • Deploy well-trained EDIS users who are effective from day one
  • Attract and retain clinicians who appreciate using a clinically sound ED product
  • Ensure facility-specific documentation and workflows are addressed
  • Improve efficiency, quality metrics and risk management
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance, including TJC, CMS, EMTALA and HIPAA
  • Ensure accurate charge coding and facility-level procedure charge coding by prompting the user when appropriate
  • Significantly increase revenue

CMR captures and reports clinical, financial and operational data quickly and efficiently so leaders can manage the business of emergency services more effectively.

The CMRReports Module contains more than 90 standard reports, including color graphical analysis charts designed to assist in managing the ED. These reports allow the user to use current and historical data to identify trending patterns. Included in the reports module are patient logs, acuity reports, financial information reports, wait times analysis, and census reports.