IT Professionals Benefits

From pre-planning, training, and implementation to 24/7 clinical and technical support, CMR is dedicated to providing sterling customer service and continuous improvement. We go the extra mile to be easy on a facility’s IT resources. The technical support from CMR includes hands-on assistance with server installation, network setup, and ongoing server maintenance.

We understand the heightened support needs of the emergency department and are committed to being responsive. Enterprise systems generally have one technical support department for the whole hospital that fails to appreciate the unique demands of the emergency department. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet this challenge.

CMR is browser-based, which simplifies implementation, reduces hardware expenditures and maintenance costs, and lessens the hassle placed on IT resources. Leveraging the latest technology allows a high degree of flexibility and scalability, as well as optimum stability and security.

A robust interface capability allows for everything from Admission Discharge and Transfer (ADT) integration to full integration of orders and results with existing hospital information systems.

An audit tool reports all actions by users so IT professionals can help leaders stay on top of patient privacy requirements and avoid breaches.

CMR’s solution offers maximum portability so clinical staff can access and utilize it from a variety of different sources: desktops, laptops, tablets and computers-on-wheels (COWs). In a time-critical environment, its browser-based architecture means downtime for updates is mere minutes—not hours or days.

In summary, CMR will:

  • Integrate easily with existing HIS systems
  • Enhance flexibility and scalability
  • Improve security
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase profitability
  • Minimize the demands on IT Resources