Physician Benefits

Designed by emergency department physicians, CMR helps physicians concentrate on what they do best—treating patients.

CMR helps physicians:

  • Minimize time needed to document care
  • Instantly access nursing notes and prior ED visits
  • Streamline clinical workflow
  • Communicate with nurses and ancillary staff
  • Enhance medical decision making
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Focus on patient care

Features of CMR include:

  • KwikClix™, which presents commonly-used choices to speed up the tasks of documenting the HPI, Past History, ROS and PE sections of the chart.
  • KwikCharts™ a timesaving feature that empowers physicians to easily create templates for common chart scenarios− or sections of charts, such as diagnostic or treatment order sets, or physical exams. The information captured in KwikCharts™ can be shared with other physicians and easily copied and edited within KwikCharts™.
  • KlikMan™, an image-based Physical Exam adjunct that allows physicians to quickly and easily add findings to a detailed anatomical image with associated location and context.
  • Prescription Favorites, a feature that further streamlines physicians’ work by providing a customizable short list of commonly-used prescriptions.
  • Fully customizable order screens that integrate with health information systems facilitate communication with lab and radiology staff.
  • A flashing “presenting vitals” button on the patient’s chart and flags on the whiteboard to instantly alert physicians to potentially dangerous out-of-range vital signs.
  • Discharge instructions for more than 1,650 titles are available in both English and Spanish. Physicians can quickly edit the instructions for a single patient or save edits to favorites for future use. These instructions are patient-friendly to help ensure physicians’ recommendations are followed, promoting better outcomes.

When utilizing CMR, physicians can easily document actions taken and capture charges more effectively than with other EMRs. CMR provides unobtrusive feedback to the physician to ensure documentation is appropriate to the level of service, thereby maximizing reimbursement while improving compliance and reducing professional liability risk.