Nurse Benefits

CMR makes charting easy, freeing up nurses to focus on assessing patients’ medical needs, administering medications and moving patients along the continuum of care.

CMR helps busy nurses:

  • Simplify workflow
  • Enhance communication with physicians and ancillary staff
  • Instantly access doctors’ notes and prior ED visits
  • Assist nursing’s contribution to the bottom line
  • Focus on patient care
  • Boost patient satisfaction

CMR ensures that documentation is complete, including data captured to report on population analytics and calculate facility charges. Its features include:

  • An intuitive chart layout gives nurses a quick, easy way to review patient documentation, including patient histories and medication reconciliation.
  • A KwikClix™ triage wizard to reduce charting efforts so nurses can efficiently facilitate patient care, enabling patients to see the doctor sooner and without long, frustrating waits.
  • A clear and concise flagging system on the patient whiteboard. This system allows nurses to keep an eye on backlogs, reduce bottlenecks and drive the flow of patients in the emergency department.
  • Template procedure forms and automated documentation streamline nurses’ workflow.
  • A common chart view with verbal order authentication that resolves the daunting tasks of looking for charts and chasing down doctors to sign them.

CMR’s seamless integration with health information systems allows ED nurses to communicate with inpatient nursing to free up beds, maintain the flow of patients and facilitate life-saving procedures.