A special kind of clinician thrives in the emergency department (ED)—one drawn to the fast pace, high energy and adrenalin rush that permeates an ED. CMR’s intuitive emergency department information system (EDIS) allows clinicians to keep pace in this hectic environment, working with them as an innovative, comprehensive solution.

Seasoned clinicians know that better documentation supports efficient decision making and, ultimately, improved patient safety and satisfaction. CMR’s familiar, user-friendly and intuitive chart layout helps clinicians quickly input critical information. CMR sends alerts to clinicians involved in the patient’s care for immediate attention, but only when necessary. By enforcing both regulatory-driven and hospital-specific prompts at the end of the charting process, while also avoiding hard stops to prevent impeding the delivery of patient care, CMR is effective at obtaining clinical information. With CMR, ED clinicians have significantly increased charge capture as a result of more effective documentation.

A patient tracking whiteboard allows clinicians to instantly monitor the status and flow of patients in and out of the emergency department. Providers can access critical information on the fly, spot flags and trends easily, and communicate with colleagues clearly, keeping patient care at the forefront. Easy-to-navigate screens allow clinicians to easily access common options and drill down for more specific details.

Medical decision support at clinicians’ fingertips further facilitates safe, effective patient care. Browser-based technology offers maximum portability so clinical staff can access critical patient information from a variety of sources.

CMR helps clinicians:

  • Reduce wait times
  • Simplify clinical workflow
  • Facilitate communication among clinicians and between ancillary departments
  • Improve the critical door-to-doc time
  • Lower the rate of patients leaving without being seen (LWBS)

The staff support for CMR is dedicated to providing excellent clinician-to-clinician training, and we are proud of how quickly our users are able to become comfortable with the product.