“CMR’s record is very sophisticated and their support is extremely responsive and comprehensive… though seldom needed, it’s good to know their 24/7 support is available.”
- Jeremy Martin, IS Director

“I have had varying experiences with vendors of software products over the years, but I have never worked with one that has been more receptive and willing to listen to requested changes and have implemented the agreed upon changes in a fairly short span of time, than CMR.”
- Cynthia Vanlangendonck, R.N. 

“When given the choice, I would most definitely choose to practice at a facility with CMR in place.”
- Peter Chu M.D.

“CMR technicians, clinicians and management have exceeded our expectations with their efforts to ensure successful and timely implementations.”
- Rebecca Bradley, PMP Project Manager

“They are truly there 24/7. I absolutely love it, I can’t type or use email but I can chart on their system.”
- Brooke Waller, ED Director

“Having used the CMR record I cannot imagine going through a Joint Commission Survey without it.”
- Dee Lejeune, Administrator

“CMR has afforded me an additional 40 hours per month to devote to managing my department…hours I used to spend trying to generate graphs and charts for the next Emergency Department meeting.”
- Leslie Norman, Nurse Manager

“The increase in charge capture has more than paid for the cost of the use of the system.”
 - Mr. Randy Olson, CEO

“I have used several types of documentation systems and this is by far the most complete. After introduction to the computer as a novice, it is easy to use.”
- Dr. Anthony Shields